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Have went: just out

For Joan Beal, to commemorate her retirement, and to celebrate her wonderful research over the years! Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Ingrid and Viktorija Kostadinova (2015), Have went – an American usage problem. English Language & Linguistics 19/2, 293-312). And lots of … Continue reading

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What do you think of flat adverbs?

Soon, a new English Today interactive feature will become available, first online and later in print. This time, the topic will be flat adverbs. Please let us have your views on the flat adverb by filling in the brief survey … Continue reading

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How many English usage guides are there?

This is an important question in the context of this project, but it will be one that I have come to decide is impossible to answer. Unfortunately, and (perhaps, for some) frustratingly so. One important tool (or so I thought originally) … Continue reading

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Rosaline Masson: first female (British) usage guide writer?

Our list of usage guides, which we drew up as a basis for the HUGE database, includes various female authors, and more of them the further we get to modern times. The first woman on our list is Rosaline Masson, whose Use … Continue reading

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A matter of etiquette as well

If you thought that usage problems only occur in usage guides, you’re in for a big surprise: they are also discussed in a different genre altogether – etiquette books. This discovery was made by Paul Nance, one of the readers of … Continue reading

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The term “usage guide”

Within the Bridging the Unbridgeable project we use the term “usage guide” to describe usage handbooks of manuals like Fowler’s Modern English Usage and many others, as included in our HUGE database. But where does the term come from? I checked … Continue reading

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Vulgarities of Speech Corrected

The HUGE database includes as the second usage guide on our list, the anonymous Vulgarities of Speech Corrected. The copy included is the second edition, published in 1829, in London. A search in WorldCat produced an earlier edition from 1826, also … Continue reading

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