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Ingrid Tieken interviewed by Paul Brians

Last week, Paul Brians interviewed Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade about her work in the Bridging the Unbridgeable project and about the book she is writing on usage guides as a text type. A podcast of the interview was published on … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Paul Brians!

Another one of our usage guide writer’s birthdays! Paul Brians is the author of Common Errors in English Usage, published in 2003, one of the usage guides in our HUGE database. Paul also has a website, a blog, a daily calendar (for … Continue reading

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Hoary witticisms and other prescriptivist jokes

In going through our usage guides, we occasionally come across linguistic jokes – not terribly funny, admittedly, but they apparently appeal to writers on usage. And they have done so from the earliest days of the usage guide tradition onwards, … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Harry Blamires!

Harry Blamires (b. 1916) is the oldest living usage guide writer in our HUGE database, and what is more, he has turned 99 today! Harry Blamires wrote several books on English, such as English in Education (of which I was told by … Continue reading

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Nucular a British usage problem too

I always thought nucular (for nuclear: hard to pronounce!) was an American usage problem. Though I must admit I had never heard of it until 2009, when I was at a conference on prescriptivism in Toronto, organised by Carol Percy, … Continue reading

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Taggart vs. Pinker: and the winner is …

I’d really like to be able to find out how well “our” usage guides, those in the HUGE database that is, have been selling over the years. This is confidential information, I was recently told by the firm handling the estate of … Continue reading

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Andrew Delahunty

Please allow me introduce Andrew Delahunty to you – at least, I assume this is him. I found this picture on a website called lovereading4kids, where Andrew is described as “a lexicographer and writer on language with many years’ experience … Continue reading

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