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The Correct and Improving Major Byron F. Caws

This is Richard Bond’s second blog post. The Story So Far – At Dr. Johnson’s House in London there is a plaque that reads “Castigavit et emendavit” (“he corrected and improved“) suggesting that these are H. W. Fowler’s words in recognition … Continue reading

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Maar is het fout? (But is it wrong?)

Here is Annemarie Walop‘s second blog post. While browsing on the internet a few weeks ago, I found a very interesting article on the website of Dutch quality newspaper De Volkskrant about the Dutch coordinating conjunction maar (“but”). The article is … Continue reading

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NWO Humanities blog

NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and the funding agency of our project, recently started a Humanities blog. They asked us to write a couple of blog posts for them, and the first one appeard online yesterday. Though the post … Continue reading

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Koffie’s vs koffies: how to find evidence of Dutch usage problems?

Marten van der Meulen is the next student in my MA course Testing Prescriptivism to write a blog post: While recently investigating a piece on the greengrocer’s apostrophe, I read an earlier piece on the Bridging the Unbridgeable blog about … Continue reading

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Effect an effect

Here is Kate Taylor’s first blogpost (Kate is another of my MA course Testing Prescriptivism students). In my experience there are three levels of knowledge regarding the uses of the words effect and affect: imagine these three levels as the tiers … Continue reading

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Don’t wanna, don’t havta, ain’t gonna!

This is Cristina Cumpanasoiu’s first blog post, which she wrote as a student of my MA course Testing Prescriptivism: Slurring words together is common in literally every language. It’s kinda inevitable even for highly educated people. From poorly trained teenagers … Continue reading

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Pietersen and Prescriptivism

Here we have a blogpost by Ash Navrady, another student in my MA course Testing Prescriptivism: In the early months of 2014, the English Cricket Board made the controversial decision to ‘sack’ star batsman Kevin Pietersen in the aftermath of the disastrous Ashes … Continue reading

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The indefinite pronoun in the news

Joan Beal sent me a link from The Guardian Online on the indefinite pronoun. The topic seems to be getting a lot of interest these days: good. Read  what Rebecca Gowers has to say on the subject: We need to talk … Continue reading

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Not The Nine o’Clock Parrot Sketch

And here is another blog post from one of the students from my MA course Testing Prescriptivism, this time from Richard Bond: ‘Not The Nine o’Clock News’ (NTNON) has a short skit that I found on YouTube. When I saw this clip … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Rebecca Gowers …

… on the appearance of your revised and updated edition of Plain Words! We are delighted to have been given a copy, and look forward to reading it.

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