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What do you think about van?

This is Cassandra Nijon’s first blog post. It is actually her second, but I’m still in the process of editing the earlier one, so have a little patience! This one jumps the queue because she’d like to have your feedback. … Continue reading

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The Guardian on language

It makes you wonder if they know the difference between grammar and spelling, but the pictures are still great for a good laugh! And there is more where this one came from.   Thanks for the link, Alison!

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What is English Grammar?

And this is Kate Taylor’s second blog post. Help her collect data by filling in her brief survey below! There are many different attitudes with regard to grammar; some people are born to learn grammar, some people work to achieve … Continue reading

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Which dialect?

I’ve just finished another of Kingsley Amis’s novels, a children’s book called We are all guilty (1991). Kingsley Amis (1922-1995) also wrote a usage guide, The King’s English, which was published two years after his death. Amis’s fascination with language is evident … Continue reading

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“Raadstaalbingo”: Protest against political jargon by Dutch local councils

This is a blog post written by Ratih Suwitra, another student from my MA course Testing Prescriptivism: Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe it is the linguistics courses rubbing off on me, but lately I have been noticing a few things … Continue reading

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Are Americanisms taking over the British Language?

Below follows Jan van den Berg’s first blogpost: “American influence is busily eroding a valuable and once firm distinction in British speech and writing” (Amis 1997: 11). This is a quotation from Kingsley Amis’s usage guide The King’s English (1997). As we … Continue reading

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Pietersen and Prescriptivism (ctd.)

In an earlier blogpost, Ash Navrady commented on how the star cricketer Kevin Pietersen was sacked by the English Cricket Board (ECB). Here follows another blogpost, in which Ash again focusses on an issue of prescriptivism, in this case the … Continue reading

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The turbulent times of hopefully

Below follows Anna Yuryeva’s first blog post. She’d be pleased with your comments. Two years ago, in April 2012, the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook published a tweet, which was followed by a virtual tsunami of criticism from grammar enthusiasts: “Hopefully, you … Continue reading

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The Correct and Improving Major Byron F. Caws

This is Richard Bond’s second blog post. The Story So Far – At Dr. Johnson’s House in London there is a plaque that reads “Castigavit et emendavit” (“he corrected and improved“) suggesting that these are H. W. Fowler’s words in recognition … Continue reading

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Maar is het fout? (But is it wrong?)

Here is Annemarie Walop‘s second blog post. While browsing on the internet a few weeks ago, I found a very interesting article on the website of Dutch quality newspaper De Volkskrant about the Dutch coordinating conjunction maar (“but”). The article is … Continue reading

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