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Congratulations, Rebecca Gowers …

… on the appearance of your revised and updated edition of Plain Words! We are delighted to have been given a copy, and look forward to reading it.

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More usage guides in 2014?

The present year promises to be a good year for usage guides. Later this month, Rebecca Gowers’s new edition of her great-grandfather’s Plain Words will be published, an e-version of David Crystal’s Who Cares about English Usage will come out, … Continue reading

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Cross-cultural Prescriptivism

For his paper at the Cambridge Usage (Guides) Symposium on 26 and 27 June, Robert Ilson would welcome input from the readers of this blog. Elsewhere, he published  what he called a “plaidoyer” for a cross-cultural study of prescriptivism, and in … Continue reading

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Who is A. Parody?

You don’t have to be very imaginative to see that Eats, Shites & Leaves (2004) parodies the title  of Lynne Truss’s phenomenally popular Eats, Shoots & Leaves (2003). And so does the name of the author: A. Parody. The back flap gives … Continue reading

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Is it Prestigious to use Prestigeful?

During the next few months, the students from my MA course Testing Prescriptivism will be writing posts for this blog. This first one is from Annemarie Walop. It might be very telling that as I am writing this, Microsoft Word puts a … Continue reading

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Was she American after all?

Last week, my book In Search of Jane Austen: The Language of the Letters (OUP, 2014) came out. I’ve already commented on this blog on the very interesting editorial process, which resulted in some changes that I wasn’t too happy about. … Continue reading

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Fixing English – soon to be published

Exciting news: we have just heard that a new book on prescriptivism is soon to be published (May): Anne Curzan’s Fixing English. Read its description on CUP’s website: Over the past 300 years, attempts have been made to prescribe how we … Continue reading

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Editing out singular they?

This was a question Klazien Tilstra, a BA student from the University of Leiden, asked the members of SENSE a few months ago. If you wish to find out the answer, read the summary of her BA thesis on this … Continue reading

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Cambridge English Usage (Guides) Symposium: Registration

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On 26 and 27 June, we are organising a symposium at the English Faculty of the University of Cambridge on Usage Guides and Usage Problems. Speakers will include John Allen, Deborah Cameron, David Crystal, Mignon Fogarty, Rebecca Gowers, Robert Ilson, Pam Peters, Geoff Pullum, Caroline Taggart and others, such … Continue reading

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Whom and Len Deighton (and like)

There have already been several posts in this blog about the disappearance of whom, and also about prescriptivism in English literature. Here is one that combines both. Funeral in Berlin, which I came across when looking for the third part … Continue reading

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