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Ain’t is a chav word, innit?

“Ain’t is a chav word, innit?” chavs

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Don’t wanna, don’t havta, ain’t gonna!

This is Cristina Cumpanasoiu’s first blog post, which she wrote as a student of my MA course Testing Prescriptivism: Slurring words together is common in literally every language. It’s kinda inevitable even for highly educated people. From poorly trained teenagers … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard anybody say hain’t?  Have you seen it written down somewhere for have not or has not? Until this morning I was totally unfamiliar with the expression. To be honest, I  only knew of the existence of … Continue reading

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Ain’t: Bob Dylan vs. The Byrds

Whenever I listen to Bob Dylan’s song “Mr Tambourine Man”, I catch myself being surprised at the line: I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to. Shouldn’t it be ain’t in this context? Googling for the line, … Continue reading

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A blogpoll on ain’t

As a follow up to Chloe’s post below on ain’t, I’d be interested in having your feedback in a blog poll as well. So please let us know what you think! (Click on the title to access the blog poll.)

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Webster’s ain’t

Just out, The Story of Ain’t by David Skinner, editor of Humanities magazine, is not about the verb form in the title but about “the controversy over Webster’s Third” when it was published “with much fanfare in 1961″. The book sets out to explain why … Continue reading

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Ain’t, Fanny Burney and the OED

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One of my most delightful discoveries when I was looking for first quotations from eighteenth-century authors in the OED was that Fanny Burney was cited as the first user of ain’t. The source was Evelina, her first novel published in … Continue reading

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Refusing to condemn “ain’t”

This week’s New York Times Sunday Book Review includes an essay by Geoffrey Nunberg, a linguist from the University of California (Berkeley), called “When a dictionary could outrage“. Nunberg compares the recent decision of the Oxford English Dictionary to adopt … Continue reading

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British or American – or doesn’t it matter?

I’d never have thought I would read a Young Adult novel, but I did, and here is why. At ICEHL-20, two months ago in Edinburgh, Jane Hodson presented a paper in the course of which she referred to The Knife of … Continue reading

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Fresh from the press: last interactive feature in English Today

In the last two years, we have encouraged readers of English Today to contribute to our research project in our interactive features which can also be found here. The input we have received so far has been invaluable and we … Continue reading

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