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Class in British society

In relation to my research on John Honey, I’ve decided I need to read more on the British class system. Joan Beal already told me about the discussion on the subject in VariationList (thanks to which I read John Rickford’s … Continue reading

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Likely, adverb or adjective?

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I’m currently reading James Pennebaker’s book The Secret Life of Pronouns (Bloomsbury Press, 2011): fascinating and intriguing, and I find myself nervously watching my own pronoun use as I write (too many first person pronouns already in this first sentence to … Continue reading

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Fighting Estuary English with an English Academy

This is a suggestion made by John Honey in Language is Power (1997:166-168). Estuary English Honey describes as being typically characterised by t-glottaling and l-vocalisation (though there are many other characteristics of Estuary English as well). Already in 1989 he … Continue reading

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A new rule for the Queen and I?

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This is the title of an article by John Honey, published in 1995 in English Today. In the article Honey makes a plea for “agree[ing] upon [a] reasonable form of prescriptivism”, discussing as a case study the occurrence of pronoun … Continue reading

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Past events

11 March 2019, Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, “Her Ladyship en The Queen’s English”, HOVO course Bye bye Britain, University of Leiden. 18 December 2018, PhD defence by Viktorija Kostadinova, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. 23 November 2018, Ingrid Tieken-Boon van … Continue reading

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Attitudes in prescriptivism: a new word for “stickler”?

Lonneke van Leest-Kootkar’s first blogpost is about sticklers and the rest of the prescriptive bunch: Sticklers, pedants, pundits and purists: these are only a couple of terms to describe those prescriptivists who have the tendency to get worked up about … Continue reading

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Pedants and Perpetrators: or, language, power and the dangers of simplificitation

Yesterday, the website of The Guardian posted an article on the members of the Idler Academy’s Bad Grammar Awards‘ shortlist. The bad grammar perpetrated by those on the shortlist contained a number of the ‘old chestnuts’ such as the use of … Continue reading

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Pietersen and Prescriptivism (ctd.)

In an earlier blogpost, Ash Navrady commented on how the star cricketer Kevin Pietersen was sacked by the English Cricket Board (ECB). Here follows another blogpost, in which Ash again focusses on an issue of prescriptivism, in this case the … Continue reading

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