Language Calendar

15 January – Hangul Day (North Korea)

21 February – International Mother Language Day

20 March – Journée internationale de la francophonie (France)

4 March – National Grammar Day (USA)

20 April – Chinese Language Day

22 April – Modern English Usage Day (Fowler)

23 April – English Language Day (UN)

6 June – Russian Language Day (Alexander Pushkin’s birthday)

2nd Saturday in September – Tag der deutschen Sprache (“German Language Day”)

19 September – International Talk Like a Pirate Day

24 September – National Punctuation Day (USA)

26 September – European Day of Languages (Council of Europe)

30 September – International Translation Day

9 October – Hangul Day (South Korea)

12 October – Dia de la Hispanidad (Spanish Language Day)

13 October – English Language Day (UK)

16 October – National Dictionary Day (USA) in honour of Noah Webster

22 October – Wereldstotterdag WSD, ISAD (International Stuttering Awareness Day)


30 October 2012 – Talk Like Jane Austen Day (In celebration of the 201st anniversary of the publishing of Sense and Sensibility)

18 December – Arabic Language Day

5 Responses to Language Calendar

  1. Ton van der Wouden says:

    September 19th: international talk like a pirate day

  2. Ton van der Wouden says:

    second Saturday in September: Tag der deutschen Sprache

  3. Ton van der Wouden says:

    22 oktober wereldstotterdag WSD, ISAD (International Stuttering Awareness Day)

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