Donations of usage guides

And this week, Maaike de Rijk presented us with a copy of Deskbook of Correct English: A Dictionary of Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Usage, by West and Kimber (1957). Thanks for this wonderful gift, Maaike!

Today, we received Paul Nance’s generous gift of his copy of Live and Learn: we’re very grateful to you for this, Paul!

Yesterday, Ingrid Tieken was given two boxes of books from a colleague whose (English) father had recently died and who had shown a great interest in the English language all through his life. The boxes contained the following items that are relevant for our work:

Books from Christine's fatherWe are very happy to have them, so thanks for thinking of us, Christine!

Here is a list of usage guides that were donated (or in some cases lent to us) earlier:

  • Sir Ernest Gowers, Plain Words. A Guide to the Use of English (2014), revised and updated by Rebecca Gowers. London: Particular Books (Penguin) (presentation copy from the author).
  • Caroline Taggart’s Her Ladyship’s Guide to the Queen’s English (2010) was donated by the author
  • Charles Warrell’s I’ll Teach you English: Learn Your Own Language the Warrell Way, donated by Wim Tigges
  • the third edition of Garner’s Modern American Usage (2009), presented to us by Matthijs Smits
  • Fowler’s Modern English Usage (1937) donated by Katinka Zeven
  • anon., A Dictionary of Daily Blunders. London: Whittaker & Co (1880) lent to us by Kate Wild
  • anon. Many Mistakes Mended. New York: N. Tibbals & Sons (1886) lent to us by Kate Wild