Donations of usage guides

Today, we received Paul Nance’s generous gift of his copy of Live and Learn: we’re very grateful to you for this, Paul!

Yesterday, Ingrid Tieken was given two boxes of books from a colleague whose (English) father had recently died and who had shown a great interest in the English language all through his life. The boxes contained the following items that are relevant for our work:

Books from Christine's fatherWe are very happy to have them, so thanks for thinking of us, Christine!

Here is a list of usage guides that were donated (or in some cases lent to us) earlier:

  • Sir Ernest Gowers, Plain Words. A Guide to the Use of English (2014), revised and updated by Rebecca Gowers. London: Particular Books (Penguin) (presentation copy from the author).
  • Caroline Taggart’s Her Ladyship’s Guide to the Queen’s English (2010) was donated by the author
  • Charles Warrell’s I’ll Teach you English: Learn Your Own Language the Warrell Way, donated by Wim Tigges
  • the third edition of Garner’s Modern American Usage (2009), presented to us by Matthijs Smits
  • Fowler’s Modern English Usage (1937) donated by Katinka Zeven
  • anon., A Dictionary of Daily Blunders. London: Whittaker & Co (1880) lent to us by Kate Wild
  • anon. Many Mistakes Mended. New York: N. Tibbals & Sons (1886) lent to us by Kate Wild