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Interactive TeamWork survey

On 28 October 2022, TeamWork will be organising a workshop session, called “The mysteries of brackets and old grammar chestnuts”. For more information as well as to register for this event, see the TeamWork website. One of the workshops will … Continue reading

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Soon to be defended at Leiden: Morana Lukač’s thesis Grassroots Prescriptivism

The University of Leiden posted the announcement today, and the actual event will be on 22 November. Exciting times for Morana as well as for ourselves as her (former) project members.

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Just out: English Historical Linguistics, with …

… a chapter on prescriptivism. True recognition of an important approach and an interesting perspective on the subject. Congratulations Laurel Brinton!

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Fresh from the press: last interactive feature in English Today

In the last two years, we have encouraged readers of English Today to contribute to our research project in our interactive features which can also be found here. The input we have received so far has been invaluable and we … Continue reading

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500 Mistakes and Live and Learn

I’ve always been wondering about the relationship between Five Hundred Mistakes of Daily Occurrence (1856) and Live and Learn: A Guide for All, who Wish to Speak and Write Correctly (1856?). Both are usage guides, and they seem to share the … Continue reading

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Question for Bryan Garner

Bryan Garner’s Dictionary of Modern American Usage contains a lengthy list of works dealing with English usage, studies as well as usage guides. Very useful for our project! There is one item which I can’t quite classify offhand as belonging to either … Continue reading

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Final Mittins survey!

Here is the last set of the Mittins questions on which we welcome your feedback. This time the questions will be a little different, in that Mittins et al. asked their informants only to indicate the sentences’ acceptability for two … Continue reading

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Usage poll #10

And here is another usage poll, with sentences 46-50 from Mittins et al. (only one more to go!). Remember that multiple answers are allowed. And feel free to leave comments on the sentences as well. Enjoy!     

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HUGE for dummies (no offence … )

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The Mittins et al. survey continued

Perhaps you’d been wondering what had happened to our update of the Mittins et al. survey from 1970, of which we so far put only the first eight sets of usage problems to you for evaluation. There are fifteen sentences … Continue reading

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