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On the late Harry Blamires …

How sad to come across his obituary in Church Times: Harry Blamires (1916-2017), who we once referred to on this blog as our oldest living usage guide writer, died on 21 November last year. The obituary lists his many achievements, … Continue reading

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His, his or her, their

If people think singular they is a new feature in the English language, arising out of the need to express gender neutrality: it isn’t. There was already an article about the pronoun in 1975, by Ann Bodine. Very well worth … Continue reading

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Season’s’ greetings and some Christmas reading

The most frequent hit on our blog at this time of the year is to Carmen Ebner’s post on the question of where to place the apostrophe (if at all) in “Season’s greeetings”. Well, here is something different for all … Continue reading

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We proudly announce …

… the publication of the second major collection of papers from the Bridging the Unbridgeable project, which appeared yesterday!   Thanks to all authors for their wonderful contributions: copies are on their way and should reach you soon. We also … Continue reading

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HUGE recommended

A first mention of the HUGE database, in the journal Copypediting: thanks to Lauren Nalls for telling us about it!

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A which hunter at it again

I just proofread an article of mine which had been copy-edited, in the process of which all my whichs (and some whos) had been changed into thats! Copy-editors tend to be anonymous, but I bet this person was American. Another … Continue reading

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-lily adverbs: one last attitudes survey

To put the final (well, almost final) touches on my study of usage guides and usage problems, I decided to have one more survey, on the acceptability of –lily adverbs. These are words like cowardlily, ghastlily, heavenlily, livelily, lovelily, lowlily, manlily, mannerlily, … Continue reading

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