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Si volet usus

Here is Sara Sánchez-Molina Santos’s first blogpost: Grammatical rules change si volet usus (“if it be the will of custom”, according to Horace, in his Ars Poetica, c.  19 BC). This is what the Spanish Royal Academy says in the prologue to their … Continue reading

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The -isms around the prescriptiv- …

… and how they are (almost) non-apparent in Dutch Here is Merijn Kooijman’s first blogpost: Although no prescriptivist will probably ever admit this, prescriptivism is often just a cog in the machine. Obtaining perfect linguistic purity always seems to be … Continue reading

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Horrible Words

is the title of Rebecca Gowers’s new book, subtitled “A Guide to the Misuse of English”. It is coming out this Thursday, but for those of you who can’t wait, read all about it in The Guardian Online. (With thanks to … Continue reading

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Literally and figuratively

The use of literally has been a frequent topic on this blog. Here is another contribution, from my MA student Iméne Walles, this time on Dutch. The opposite of literally is figuratively. Of a sentence one could say ‘I meant … Continue reading

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Sticking up for the “sticklers”

Ina Huttenga is the next student from the MA course Testing Prescriptivism to present her first blog post: What I have here in my bookcase is The Wadsworth Handbook, a manual for students about writing. I use it mainly for citing … Continue reading

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Prescriptivism in the classroom

Boudewijn Steenhof, another student in my Testing Prescriptivism course, is a teacher, and combines his two interests in the post below. From my perspective, the course Testing Prescriptivism I’m following this semester has an extra layer. Being a teacher, it’s … Continue reading

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Smaug, the Stupendous

This semester, I teach an MA course called Testing Prescriptivism. Part of the requirements for the course, as for earlier courses I taught on the subject, is that students write two blogposts each. Here is the first, by Bram Steijn: … Continue reading

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