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Apostrophe humour

In a recent analysis of letters to the editor written on the topic of the errant apostrophe, I have come across many humorous examples of both letters and featured comics. The two comics below are taken from the Guardian. The … Continue reading

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My (P)interests include grammar

Although grammar is surely a serious matter, pedants have managed to find amusing ways of promoting correct language use online. Check out the collection of the fun and informative grammar pins on our new Pinterest board “Grammar Matters”. Pinterest is … Continue reading

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Grammar: Days and Tests

Earlier this month, March fourth to be precise, National Grammar Day was celebrated in the U.S. I like to think was the impetus for many dinners of punctuation-meatloaf (or walnut loaf for the veggie punctuation partiers among us). The day … Continue reading

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Lexicon Valley: A Most Delightful Dale

For many months now, I’ve been intending to write an epic review of one of my favorite podcasts: Lexicon Valley presented by Slate. Well, this weekend I invoked the muses – otherwise known as Lexicon Valley hosts Mike Vuolo and … Continue reading

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Gruesome Twosomes

The above picture, in which persecution is confused for prosecution, was featured in a recent episode of a sitcom aired on Fox Extended, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. To remind the reader about the distinction between the two, The Oxford … Continue reading

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Fun with Codification

During the last months, I’ve been assisting in compiling the Bridging the Unbridgeable project’s database of usage guides and usage problems – which will be launched at a lunch lecture this Friday. This has been a wonderful and interesting experience … Continue reading

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The Art of Usage Guides

This morning, while I was browsing around one of my favorite websites brainpickings.org, I came across an article which mentions the 2005 edition of William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s classic The Elements of Style. This edition is illustrated by … Continue reading

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Grammar Rock

In a single day of reading, copying, pasting, and generally mulling over usage guide entries, grammar songs – such as Conjunction Junction and that one about pronouns – occur to me more often than I care to admit. Although these … Continue reading

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Berk or wanker?

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Kingsley Amis distinguishes two types of people in his amusing usage guide The King’s English based on their attitudes and usage: berks & wankers. These terms he quite obviously uses in absolutely nothing else but their most strictly technical sense as … Continue reading

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Fowler is Funny

Fowler is Funny by Paul Bennett, freelance copyeditor I have no religion except Fowlerism. I am a devout follower of Fowler, and when you make the decision to be devout, you must be prepared to defend your saviour. I have … Continue reading

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