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A missing word? Part II

The relevant entries from the OED are: I also had a look at Worcester’s dictionary, primarily to see if he had any citations.  I’m not sure about the date, as the first twenty pages are missing, but these are the … Continue reading

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Only 35?

Here’s a UK Guradina newspaper fluff piece for Harold Evans’ new book on writing dos and donts. He seems very confident!

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Metalanguage usage in the UK primary school classroom

Here’s an article from the UK Guardian newspaper on the use of grammar metalanguage in UK primary school tests!

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How many d’s in Grand(d)ad? No riddle

This post is dedicated to Clive Upton, who was surprised that I spelled Granddad with two d’s in the middle. I’m no native speaker, and just told myself: surely it must be grand + dad. Since then I looked it … Continue reading

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Yet another survey

For English Today readers, and indeed anybody else who may have missed it last time, here is my trial survey, on number concord in the species noun phrase, which I have posted on Qualtrics. You will find the survey HERE. … Continue reading

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A Christmas wish

On behalf of all the members of the Bridging the Unbridgeable project: our very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, hoping for continuing very useful input from you all!

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Children in a world of prescriptivists

Lonneke van Leest-Kootkar is one of the few students from my Testing Prescriptivism course who still has a second blogpost to publish. As you will see, she is also the mother of two small children: The inspiration for this blogpost … Continue reading

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