Question for Bryan Garner

Bryan Garner’s Dictionary of Modern American Usage contains a lengthy list of works dealing with English usage, studies as well as usage guides. Very useful for our project! There is one item which I can’t quite classify offhand as belonging to either of these categories: English As She Is Taught, by Caroline LeRow (New York, 1887). There is a copy of the book for sale on eBay, but before I order it, I’d like to know if this is a usage guide or not.

The question is really for Bryan Garner, because he may have seen it when he decided to include it in his list. But I’d be happy with an answer from anyone else. And also, if anyone knows more about this writer.

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2 Responses to Question for Bryan Garner

  1. Morana Lukač says:

    We got an answer from Brian Garner via Twitter: “LeRow’s book isn’t a usage guide in the traditional sense. It’s a compilation of student ‘bloopers,’ mostly.”

  2. Morana Lukač says:

    Stan Carey on Twitter noticed the misspelling of Garner’s first name. It should be Bryan.

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