Conference on prescriptivism

The next conference on Prescriptivism will be held in Leiden, from 12 – 14 June 2013. It will be hosted by the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics.

Previous conferences took place in Sheffield, UK (2003), Ragusa, Sicily (2006) and Toronto (2009). The Sheffield and Ragusa proceedings have been published; those for the Toronto conference are forthcoming soon.

Conference proceedings:

  • special issue of Historiographia Linguistica, edited by Joan Beal, Jane Hodson and Richard Steadman-Jones (2006, HL XXXIII, no. 1/2)
  • Perspectives on Prescriptivism, ed. by Joan C. Beal, Carmela  Nocera and Massimo Sturiale, Vol. 73 of Linguistic Insights. Bern etc., Peter Lang (2008)
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1 Response to Conference on prescriptivism

  1. usageguides says:

    Carol Percy, one of the organisers of the previous conference on prescriptivism, in Toronto two years ago, has just won the OCUFA Teaching Award: congratulations, Carol!

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