Mind Your Language

Mind Your Language is a fantastic blog run by The Guardian on usage problems, the use of style guides and many related matters. Particularly the entries by David Marsh are well worth reading.

Among the usage items dealt with we find: the use of square brackets, the differences between that and which (also discussed elsewhere in this blog), the who/whom problem, the subjunctive, the Oxford comma, Railspeak, the controversial issue of the hyphen, the use of capitals (several blog posts), the split infinitive (again, a topical issue also in this blog), the occurrence of Americanisms in The Guardian, whether it should be data is or data are

Many of these are so-called “old chestnuts” of usage guides. What we would like to know for the Bridging the Unbridgeable research project is what new usage problems there are.  What are readers of The Guardian bothered by that isn’t already dealt with in the standard usage guides? David Marsh, can you help us find out please?

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