BBC pet linguistic hates

In a very interesting paper called “BBC Style: A look at the style guides and language of BBC Radio News bulletins”, Anya Luscombe, from Roosevelt Academy, Middelburg (The Netherlands), analyses the views on a number of top “pet hates” among BBC journalists and news writers, former as well as current ones.

The four selected pet hates in the article are: try and (for try to), concede defeat/victory, gone missing and Americanisms (e.g. turning nouns into verbs and attaching prepositions to verbs: hospitalize, meet with). Checking usage against the British National Corpus, Anya Luscombe analyses the changing treatment of these usage problems in different BBC style guides, published between the late 1960s and today.

The paper was originally presented at the PALA conference (Poetics and Linguistics Association) in 2009, and will be part of Anya Luscombe’s PhD thesis, to be defended in February 2012. It is available online as well. (Thanks to Adrian Stenton for pointing the paper out.)

Do readers of this blog share these pet hates with the BBC?

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