And nor – and neither?

He told me things you wouldn’t be able to get out of him in a million years, and nor would these priests, confession or no confession (P.D. James, Death in Holy Orders, 2001, Penguin [2002], 472)

The use of and nor was already commented on by Noel Osselton, in his interactive language squib “Points of Modern English Syntax” (1981), published in English Studies (item196).

But this was in 1981, and we are thirty years on now. Any comments on the usage?

And what about and neither, as in

She was not a native of our town – … – and neither was her husband (John Banville, Ancient Light, 2012, p. 56).

Btw, great news: English Studies has been digitised down to 1975 (that is, in as far as the library at the University of Leiden gives access to it).

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