Britishisms (try pronouncing this!)

One of our readers alerted us this morning to an article in the online BBC News Magazine called “Britishisms and the Britishisation of American English“.

She commented: “Isn’t it interesting how it’s the opposite to what I looked at in my PhD thesis  re Americanisms invading BBC language.  I’m also fascinated to see (according to the story) how ‘go missing’ is pushing out ‘disappear’ in US English, just as it appears to have done in British language.”

Thanks for this, Anya!  I’m sure you’d be interested (like us!) to have people’s comments on the article. Britishisms (aarrgghhh!) and Americanisms are very relevant to our research. (How about pronouncing  or even spelling “Britishisation “! And how about this: neither Britishisms nor Britishisation are in the OED. Briticisation is, but spelled with a <z>.)

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