I have a little gadget on the desktop of my laptop that tells me the current state of weather. Sometimes, my laptop is not connected to the internet, and the gadget looks like this:

And each time I see it, I think: “Forecasted? Who would have written that?” After all, it is a strong verb: castcastcast is what I learnt in school, where does casted come from, all of a sudden? There is a blog elsewhere on the web that says that both cast (= past tense) and casted are found. Perhaps, but why not write forecast? It could be interpreted as a noun or a past tense verb at the same time: problem solved. Fortunately, though, there is a happy ending to this story:

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1 Response to Forecasted?

  1. anya says:

    It’s the same with broadcast – broadcasted. I always said ‘broadcast’ and for years found it hard to believe that people used ‘broadcasted’, but that too is correct, it seems. Maybe it’s American usage?

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