God Save the Queen … and this blog, innit?

The time has come to launch the blog of my PhD project called Proper English Usage: A sociolinguistic investigation of usage attitudes in the ‘Golden triangle. The title of this post will probably have given away the target group of my research; it is indeed targeted at British English speakers. Before you skip this post and go on to the next, even though it is mainly about attitudes of British English native speakers, English usage and disputed items are discussed, and every input is highly appreciated. So please go on, browse through the blog, fill in the usage polls and spread the word: A new blog is in town. It has an attitude, so beware!

Proper English Usage

Proper English Usage


About Carmen Ebner

Carmen Ebner is a sociolinguist. In September 2017, she has obtained her PhD in Linguistics from Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) in the Netherlands, where she worked on a project on language attitudes and prescriptivism in British English. Carmen's research interests include all things sociolinguistics. In particular, she is interested in linguistic discrimination, attitude elicitation techniques, language variation and change, and historical sociolinguistics.
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