Which online sources on language use do you consult?


In 1995, Deborah Cameron made an observation which was years ahead of its time: “[The Internet] is an ideal arena for swapping linguistic trivia and debating matters of usage”.

By now it is more than obvious that Cameron was right; there is a multitude of blogs and fora for those seeking and giving linguistic advice. These online sources seem to be competing against and possibly winning  the battle against the good old paperbacks and hardcovers when it comes to usage tips on the go.

Within our project, we cannot have a full overview of usage advice and attitudes towards usage without consulting the online sources. We have some of our favourite sources included in our blogroll on the right, but we would rather hear about yours!

Which sources do you consult when you are in doubt about prepositions, agreement, lexical choice, split infinitives, or dangling participles.

Please, fill in our survey below! (We need answers in the Other box).

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