New grammar tests in English schools

Marilyn Hedges, one of the readers of this blog, asked me to post the following:

From the Guardian article

Formal grammar teaching in English schools stopped in the 1960s, as Anya Luscombe mentioned in her recent talk in Leiden. It seems as if the grammar/no grammar policy may have come full circle, since 11-year-olds in England had to sit a grammar and spelling test this week for the first time according to an article in The Guardian earlier this week.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph reports that the reform is part of the Department for Education’s efforts to address concerns from universities and employers that too many pupils arrive without basic literacy and numeracy skills despite having passed national curriculum tests.

It will be interesting to see what the effect of this renewed attention to grammar will be in a few year’s time.

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1 Response to New grammar tests in English schools

  1. Charlotte Murakami says:

    This is very important news. Thank you for posting it. It has been on the books, so to speak, since 1979.

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