BBC Radio 4: on now

How topical our project is! In a few moments the following feature will appear on air:

Harry Ritchie is a writer and former literary editor of the Sunday Times. His latest book, English for the Natives, outlines the rules and structures of the English language as they are taught to foreign students. English for the Natives – Discover the Grammar You Don’t Know You Know is published by John Murray.

Harrie Ritchie

The interview was announced with the sentence “And Harry Ritchie determines to boldly go through the rules of grammar which we have no idea of”: spot the usage problems, and listen to the podcast; the interview starts around 32 minutes into the programme. And of course we will get in touch with him soonest, because I wonder if he knows about our project or read my book!

Here are some reviews: Daily Mail (well, only one so far).

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