Appropriate Usage – You decide!

The moment of truth has come. It is time to find out what YOU think about the English language and its usage? Is it fit as a fiddle? Or is it going down the drain? What do you consider acceptable and appropriate usage? What is Proper English Usage?

Let’s find out by filling in the online questionnaire!



In case you live in the UK (Greater London Area) and are interested in participating in the next steps of the survey, please contact me for more information.

About Carmen Ebner

Carmen Ebner is a sociolinguist. In September 2017, she has obtained her PhD in Linguistics from Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) in the Netherlands, where she worked on a project on language attitudes and prescriptivism in British English. Carmen's research interests include all things sociolinguistics. In particular, she is interested in linguistic discrimination, attitude elicitation techniques, language variation and change, and historical sociolinguistics.
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2 Responses to Appropriate Usage – You decide!

  1. mummybarrow says:

    Hi Carmen. Just got the link to your blog from Jonnie Robinson so off to share with some friends online to see if we can get some responses to the survey for you! Do keep in touch (PS ignore the blog that this comment might link to, that is my old one. I am mummybarrow dot com now. Do keep in touch, would love to hear more about your PhD work.

  2. Carmen Ebner says:

    Thank you very much for sharing! Your call definitely generated some response. Thanks a lot!

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