The indefinite pronoun in the news

Rebecca Gowers

Joan Beal sent me a link from The Guardian Online on the indefinite pronoun. The topic seems to be getting a lot of interest these days: good. Read  what Rebecca Gowers has to say on the subject: We need to talk about indeterminate masculine pronouns.  And tell us what you think about it all.

Thanks for the link, Joan!

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1 Response to The indefinite pronoun in the news

  1. Stan says:

    I find grammatical objections to singular they unconvincing, and other objections weak. No one complains about singular you nowadays, but it’s the same in principle as objecting to singular they, as I’ve shown at Sentence first.
    Singular they might not be a perfect solution, but it and other gender-neutral options are infinitely better than generic he, man and co. Yet I keep seeing the latter in modern texts, even in books on language usage. We have a way to go.

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