New English Today, new Feature!

Another chance to get involved in our project! The latest issue of English Today is out now and it contains another feature article from this project. In this feature I ask the following questions about how linguists should engage with the public, on which we would like to get your input.

  1. Who are engaged in public and academic discussions on usage and normativism in the Anglophone world, and who lead them? Academics? Lay linguists? Language professionals? Educators?
  2. Is there public critical language awareness when it comes to issues of usage and normativism?
  3. How can linguists or others raise or increase critical language awareness?
  4. Is there a role for linguists to engage in this discourse outside academia?

Please leave your comments and suggestions!

Note: You can read the full article on the English Today page of this website, or if you have access, download the original pdf from the website Cambridge Journals Online.

About Robin Straaijer

I am a linguist and EAP trainer, working on English prescriptivism and Standard English. Lover of photography and comedy.
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