Have went: just out

Joan Beal

For Joan Beal, to commemorate her retirement, and to celebrate her wonderful research over the years!

Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Ingrid and Viktorija Kostadinova (2015), Have went – an American usage problem. English Language & Linguistics 19/2, 293-312.

And lots of other interesting papers.

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1 Response to Have went: just out

  1. Morana Lukač says:

    I’ve just come across this letter from the Irish Times (the paper is a goldmine for complaints) on have went as one of the horsemen of the grammar apocalypse (ie. the death of the past participle, along with the death of the adverb, etc.) http://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/letters/on-the-decline-in-grammar-1.2275386. The problem might not remain American for long after all.

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