Just out: the A2P articles on Prescriptivism

I’m very proud to be able to announce the first substantial publication from the Bridging the Unbridgeable project: the papers from the workshop that preceded the Leiden Prescription conference, called Attitudes to Prescriptivism (A2P), organised by Robin Straaijer, Carmen Ebner, Viktorija Kostadinova and Morana Lukač.

Though not quite a special issue on the subject, the most recent issue of the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development includes a substantial number of papers as a set devoted to “our” topic, all of them edited by Robin Straaijer:

Attitudes to prescriptivism: an introduction – Robin Straaijer

The role of linguists in metalinguistic discourse in modern Lithuania – Giedrius Tamaševičius

Prescriptivism and French L2 instruction – Suzie Beaulieu

The relationship between use and perception: the case of Catalan variants of a subject coreferential with an antecedent – Joan Costa Carreras

Folk linguistics and language teaching education. A case study in an Italian secondary school – Matteo Santipolo

Language guardian BBC? Investigating the BBC’s language advice in its 2003 News Styleguide – Carmen Ebner

Linguistic prescriptivism in letters to the editor – Morana Lukač

Congratulations all, and especially Robin (as well as Emily, who contributed to the final stages of this editorial project). And read them all!

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1 Response to Just out: the A2P articles on Prescriptivism

  1. The journal isn’t open access, it it? So, it’s very expensive to read any of these articles if you are not attached to an educational institute. :-(

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