Ashamed of your English?

If you are, and even if you are not, you might like to attend our monthly lunch lecture on Friday 22 April. Our speaker this time will be Harry Ritchie, the author of English for the Natives (2013). We’re delighted with his visit, and this is what he will be talking about:

Almost all English speakers are. While the rest of the world envies them for their easy, unearned mastery of the first global language, native English speakers all assume they’re rubbish at English. And all look for guidance from the traditional prescriptive grammarians who are fundamentally and comprehensively wrong about language, and just about everything else.

Yet these traditional grammarians are hugely popular and influential.

Harry Ritchie, author of English for the Natives (2013), analyses their influence and the variety of mistakes and delusions that underpin the prescriptivist mindset.

Venue: Faculty of Humanities, Eyckhof 1, room 3C, from 12 to 1 pm. All welcome, and: Bring Your Own Lunch!

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