A centenary: The Elements of Style

Putting the final touches (I hope!) to my book on usage guides and usage problems,  I suddenly realised that William Strunk‘s famous Elements of Style is a hundred years old this year. Will anyone, publisher or critic or otherwise, pay attention to this fact? Do let us know!

I own a few copies of Strunk and White, the revised version of the book published 41 years later, but looking for an image to go with this blogpost and also because I was curious to see what the very first edition looked like, I came across a website of someone who has been collecting different copies of The Elements of Style – my man entirely! Great display, and very interesting description of the collection. I’m very much impressed and wish …

But the last blogpost on this site dates from May 2009, so I guess we’ll never know if the writer ever did obtain a copy of the book’s very first edition (his earliest copy is of the 1919 edition). Does anyone have any further information, also about whether anything is planned to commemorate this interesting centenary?

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