Roadkill’s scriptwriters

For a paper I’m writing on the use of who/whom I’m trying to get in touch with the scriptwriters of Roadkill, a British political thriller series that was broadcast in the UK and the US towards the end of 2020 and in The Netherlands in January – February of this year.

My question is whether in condemning the inappropriate use of who in the context in question the choice of phrase (is not English rather than is not good English) was made deliberately and why. I tried to find out by writing to the director, David Hare, but got no response. Perhaps not surprisingly, since he must get a lot of email from fans and others interested in the series.

But I was wondering if there is a different, and better, way of getting in touch with the scriptwriters of the series? Can anyone help please?

Cast of Roadkill: Who is in the drama with Hugh Laurie and where have you  seen them... - Heart

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  1. Heddwen says:

    What I would do: look up their names on IMDB, find them on Twitter and send them a tweet. A public tweet will increase the chance of success. (If they don’t have Twitter then they may have a professional website with a contact option. Or LinkedIn.)

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