UniSIG: Copy-editorial decision-making strategies

Morana Lukaç and Adrian Stenton will be presenting a study of copy-editors they conducted in 2020 to members of SENSE, the society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands. They’re looking forward to to sharing insights of a study with the community that participated in it and possibly will benefit from it. Save the date, 18th of March 16:00–17:00 CEST, and don’t forget to register for the event!

Abstract: Their presentation is inspired by their online survey of 288 editors in 2020, in which respondents were given very short unedited texts and asked to focus on a single usage feature. Many respondents couldn’t resist editing the entire text, and Morana and Adrian found some interesting differences and similarities in their edits. During the meeting, we’ll find out more about the survey and whether we edit similarly to the respondents.

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1 Response to UniSIG: Copy-editorial decision-making strategies

  1. Sounds fascinating! I’m looking forward to it.

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