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Give me some data!

Researching language in its social context inevitably includes collecting considerable amounts of data. As I move closer to the fieldwork period of my research project, I have set up a new blog to help me get in touch with (primarily) … Continue reading

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Spellergies, or the Rise of the Usage Problem

Over the last couple of years I have been plagued with an unusual allergy, and to this day I have no idea what the cause might be. I have been tested for pollen, dust mites, particular types of food groups, … Continue reading

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English Language Usage on Facebook – Survey

In the beginning of the last century, some notable linguists and scholars, George Philip Krapp, Sterling Leonard, and Fred Walcott, to name a few, expressed their cogent views on the relativity of linguistic correctness. Correct language is not something absolute, … Continue reading

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Creativity and/or Prescriptivism

In a cult sketch on language, Stephen Fry compares the inexhaustible creative potential of language to that of music. The structure of language comprises a limited set of parts, just as a piano keyboard has a limited set of keys. … Continue reading

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