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We are on YouTube!

We have expanded our social media presence with a brand new Bridging the Unbridgeable YouTube channel! In the very first video we’ve uploaded Robin Straaijer gives a very short introduction to the project and the HUGE database. You can watch it below, … Continue reading

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Back to school: buy Fowler

I was just forwarded an email from OUP USA which announces a Back to School 2013 offer of a 65% reduction on book prices. The list of books on offer include Fowler’s Modern English Usage, at half-price, which is good, … Continue reading

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Publication history of Fowler

I’m working on a publication history of Fowler’s Modern English Usage, along the lines of R.C. Alston’s Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to 1800. For this, I need to have information on the publication of reprints … Continue reading

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“Should of” in eighteenth-century English!

How old is could of, should of, would of, the controversial issue reported on elsewhere in this blog? On reading the proofs for my chapter in the second edition of The Oxford History of English, edited by Lynda Mugglestone and … Continue reading

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Who coined the term “flat adverb”?

Elsewhere in this blog I reported on the first quotation from the OED for the term “flat adverb”: 1871    J. Earle Philol. Eng. Tongue vii. 361   The Flat Adverb is simply a substantive or an adjective placed in an adverbial position. (This … Continue reading

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22 April: ‘Modern English Usage’-day

Today, 22 April 2012, is Modern English Usage day: according to Jenny McMorris, in her biography of H.W. Fowler called The Warden of English (OUP 2001), Modern English Usage was published on 22 April 1926. The Warden of English is a fantastic book to read, written in … Continue reading

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