The French Academy goes interactive

Earlier this week, an article appeared in The Independent called “Language watchdog goes interactive to teach French to the French”. It reports on the fight against English influence on French by the Academie Française. Words criticised are stresser, as in “C’était stressant le week end de shopping avec ma meuf, quoi” and many others.

It is not clear how interactive the website of the Academie Française actually is: all it offers is to contact them and report (presumably) new anglicisms in the language: “Pour nous contacter:”. But isn’t contacter an anglicism as well? More seriously though: would this be the way to fight the influx of English in French? It seems like a lost battle, the more so, since president Sarkozy not so long ago advocated the teaching of English to French three-year olds.

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  1. By coincidence (or was it?), Alexander Pechtold, member of one of the Dutch opposition parties, likewise proposed last year that it would be a good idea to start teaching English to four and five-year olds.

    (The article concerned, at, is in Dutch.)

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