Images of prescriptivism

We are looking for images that will help to give a visual illustration of prescriptivism. There are of course pictures of Henry Watson Fowler, the author of Modern English Usage, but what else is there that we could use?


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5 Responses to Images of prescriptivism

  1. Paula says:

    Have a look at this blog:
    There are a couple of images which might be useful.

  2. Kate Wild says:

    How about Lynne Truss holding up a missing apostrophe?:

  3. Matthijs Smits says:

    Here is a picture of Bryan Garner, author of “Garner’s Modern American Usage” (among other language books), nonchalantly leaning on his oeuvre. To see him wearing a suit signals to me his primary occupation: that of a lawyer. Other pictures of him can be found on his website

  4. usageguides says:

    This compares very interestingly with how Fowler is depicted in Crystal’s Encyclopedia of the English Language (p. 196): in his swimsuit. See also From telegraphese to texting: one hundred years of the Concise Oxford Dictionary at

  5. Paul Bennett says:

    I have a simple cartoon I drew myself. Its caption is “Checkout at a prescriptivist’s store”. You are free to reproduce it in this blog. I will email the picture to Ingrid.

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