No greengrocer’s apostrophe any longer

During the past few days, I received emails (from the UK) that contained the following phrases:

  • An Out-of-Office reply: Please note I work Monday – Wednesday’s only
  • Please supply: Passengers full name (as stated on passport); Passengers date of birth; Passport number and expiry date [the request was made to me, i.e. a single person].

Problems with the apostrophe have already been reported elsewhere in this blog: why not abolish them altogether?

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2 Responses to No greengrocer’s apostrophe any longer

  1. Cornelis van Eykelen says:

    What I see very often is “it’s” instead of possessive pronoun “its”, also in educated peoples (sic) writings.

  2. On the subject of apostrophes – although not of greengrocers, but of booksellers -, I heard on the Today programme (BBC Radio 4) this morning that Waterstone’s has decided to drop its apostrophe. The reason given was that the apostrophe creates too many difficulties and too much confusion in today’s internet world, particularly with email (in email addresses, etc.). The Apostrophe Protection Society was not best pleased! Could this be the thin end of the wedge for the apostrophe?

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