MA course on Prescriptivism at the University of Leiden

Next academic year, second semester, Ingrid Tieken will teach an MA course called “Prescription and Prescriptivism”. More details will be announced on the Leiden University website soon.

Course description:

Prescription and prescriptivism are perceived, particularly by linguists, as rather negative terms. In this course we will investigate why that should be the case. In doing so we will focus in particular on the English language situation, though student input from other languages will be very welcome as well. The course will be taught within the context of the research project Bridging the Unbridgeable: Linguists, Prescriptivists and the General Public. We will study the rise of the usage guide and their function, today as well as in the past; the usage guide as a text type; the nature of the linguistic strictures that are dealt with in usage guides; as well as usage guide writers, their publishers and their audience. During the course, you will be able to make use of material that is being collected for the project, and with your final paper you will contribute to the research currently being done.
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