Attitudes survey

For a paper I’m writing in the context of the Bridging the Unbridgeable project I’m doing a survey into attitudes to particular usage problems. For this pilot study, I’m collecting texts in which people express their opinions to such usage problems, and I’m looking for input from everyone interested in prescription and prescriptivism, for whatever reason.
If you wish to participate in this survey and to contribute to my study, please fill in this form.
You can fill in the form for each of the three sentences. Alternatively, you fill in the form only once: I would be happy with either, but obviously hope to get as much response as possible.
I will be looking forward to having your accounts of one or more of the features in the list: your input will be invaluable to my research!
Update: completed forms are coming in in large numbers, for which I’m very grateful. The comments are very relevant and extremely interesting (I read them all!). So far, response has been from women (2/3) more than from men (1/3): so I would strongly encourage men to respond as well. The age range is very good so far: from 21 to 72. BUT: linguists have not responded in as large numbers as I had hoped (only 23% so far). Given the aim of the project, to engage in communication with prescriptivists, the general public AND linguists, I hope they will feel encouraged to reply too.
Keep sending me your opinions!
Thanks, Ingrid Tieken.
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