Punctuation Party

‘Do think twice; it’s not alright.’ is the caption which accompanies this image from http://www.apostrophecatastrophes.com/

Friends, put on your punctuation party hats. Tomorrow – Monday 24 September – is National Punctuation Day (in the U.S.) which was founded in 2004 by Jeff Rubin. The official website contains some funny, interesting, and entertaining items. These include suggestions on ways to celebrate, photos of signs containing ‘annoying punctuation gaffes,’ and – my personal favorite – letters from visitors to the site. National Punctuation Day even has an official meat loaf recipe!

Those punctuation celebrants looking for a vegetarian option may consider participating in the punctuation challenge issued by The New Yorker. You can send your answers via tweet to #tnyquestion until Monday morning in New York (which is -5 hours UTC/GMT).

Readers of this blog may recall previous posts on official language-related days such as National Grammar Day (4 March) or the recent International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19 September). We are currently compiling a language calendar which already includes 15 dates and at least 9 different languages. In fact, it includes all languages if we consider International Mother Tongue Day (21 February) in its true sense. This calendar is a product of information provided by readers of this blog. Therefore, thank you, and please continue to write us with your tips on official language days as well as other items which may be of interest to the project.

Meanwhile, this evening I’m gearing up for tomorrow’s joyful and random celebration of language and its accoutrements with this wonderful video in which Victor Borge and Dean Martin sing with phonetic punctuations marks. Enjoy.

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