Mini-exhibition on Sir Ernest Gowers

National Portrait Gallery

There have been various posts in this blog on Sir Ernest Gowers (1880-1966), one of our major usage guide writers, so high time for a mini-exhibition showing some of our finds, as well as illustrating his legacy as the writer of (ultimately) The Complete Plain Words (1954) and the editor of the second edition of Fowler’s Modern English Usage (1965).

Come and visit the exhibition on the second floor of the English department at Leiden, and read Carmen’s blog post on Gowers if you want to read more than just the wikipedia entry.

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2 Responses to Mini-exhibition on Sir Ernest Gowers

  1. gowers says:

    Great that you are doing this: I wish I could come and see the exhibition. I write as Sir Ernest Gowers’s great-grandson. You may be interested to know that my sister has recently finished a new revision of Plain Words, which will appear in 2014 to mark the 60th anniversary of the book. And as it happens, I live very close to the Amnesty Bookshop where you bought a copy recently.

    • What a wonderful reply! Something similar happened to me once before, when I was contacted by the great(x4)-grandson of the grammarian Robert Lowth. How did you hear about the blog? Amazing to think that I could have run into you buying the book at the Amnesty bookshop. I go to Cambridge fairly regularly as I’m a Life Member of Clare Hall, so perhaps we could have a coffee together when I’m over next time. Thanks for letting us know about the book’s 60th anniversary next year (it will be mine, too). We would like to cover it, so I’d be really grateful if you could keep us informed.

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