Usage problems, usage questions?

In the under-water screen to this blog, we can see how (new) people got to our blog, what they are interested in, and also what they are seeking usage advice on. The most frequent usage questions that people have recently been consulting Google about – and were thus directed to us – were thusly, the question of whether it should be healthy or healthful and whether focussing should have one s or two. (I never know this myself either, but what I do know is that I’m not happy with Microsoft Outlook’s autocorrect function. We have written about this in the blog, too.). John Honey has been a popular topic in the past as well, so we know that there are many people who are interested in this controversial linguist,

We do not know though, what other questions people want to have usage advice on or what they are seeking information about, because if we haven’t written about it, they won’t find their way to the blog. But a lot of other people read the blog as well, so what I’d like to know is whether they are ever uncertain about features of usage and what these features are. We’d like to know because we’d like to study them and we’d like to be able to write about them, so please tell us!

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