Want to write like a spy?

It appears that even the CIA has a style guide. A secret one no less, one that got leaked moreover, according to The Guardian Online yesterday. The Guardian article tells us that the style guide includes well-known “old chestnuts”  like uninterested/disinterested, the dangling participle, and hopefully. And look at the title of the accompanying picture: “whats-a-split-infinitive–009.jpg“! What’s new?

'What's a split infinitive?' Chris Pine as CIA agent Jack Ryan in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

The document can be downloaded and printed: thanks, Tony, for telling us that it is back online again. And thanks to John for telling us about it!

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4 Responses to Want to write like a spy?

  1. tonyparr236437852 says:

    The link would appear to have risen from the dead, Ingrid!

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