New writer for the blog

I’m very pleased to be able to introduce a new member of our team of blog writers: Adrian Stenton. Adrian was the copy-editor of my book The Bishop’s Grammar (OUP, 2011), with which he did a really great job. After that, he weas one of the informants for Marilyn Hedges’s MA thesis on the use of like for as or as if, and since then, he has been following this blog. He is also one of the people who contributed to the birthday piece we wrote for the late Janet Whitcut.

Adrian has a huge database of academic prose (possibly including my own text!) which he has decided he wants to do research on in the light of some of the Mittins sentences we have been asking our readers’ input about. So you will be reading blog posts from him soon, and I hope you will give him the feedback he will be asking for.

Welcome on board, Adrian!

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