Angela Burt

I’m trying to get in touch with Angela Burt: perhaps someone can help. She is the author of The A to Z of Correct English (2000), but the publisher, How To Books, no longer seems to exist. The blurb of the book describes her as in the image below, and the book appears to have been quite popular. The new edition dates from 2004.


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  1. adrianstenton says:

    Only this, from Amazon:
    She lives in Co, Mayo, Ireland, where she runs her own company, Portfolio Proofreading Services.
    And this:
    Portfolio Proofreading Services
    Address: Boleyard Shraheens Balla Castlebar Co. Mayo
    City of Mayo
    Phone number: (094)9031604

  2. Thanks, Adrian! Unfortunately, I found this information online: “the company status is Dissolved with the company closing on Friday the 14th of May 2010”. So I guess we’ll have to keep on looking.

  3. Ian Macavoy says:

    Hello. Ms Burt seems to be associated (as editor?) with the latest edition (2012) of the Oxford School Thesaurus, published by Oxford University Press. I hope this is the lady you seek. In any event, good hunting!

  4. Anne Mulroy says:

    Hi Ingrid, If you give me a contact number, I can put Angela in touch with you. Anne

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