Congratulations, Paul Brians!

This year, it has been twenty years since Paul Brians first published his website Common Errors in English Usage online. The late 1990s were early days for internet usage advice, so congratulations, Paul! It seemed a good idea to publish a book based on the website as well, and it first came out in 2003, with a third edition published ten years later. Another major achievement – three editions in ten years time. Paul tells me the book has been selling well.

Paul also produces regular podcasts on Common Errors (not so long ago, I was even interviewed on our project for one of them: Episode 8 of the series), but there are two more recent ones about the history of the Common Errors website, Episode 15 and Episode 16. We hope you will enjoy listening to them, and that you will join us in our warmest congratulations of this wonderful anniversary!

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2 Responses to Congratulations, Paul Brians!

  1. Paul Brians says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Ingrid. In a couple of months my site, quite redesigned, will be moving to a new URL, but forwarding will send visitors automatically to it.

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