Only 35?

Here’s a UK Guradina newspaper fluff piece for Harold Evans’ new book on writing dos and donts. He seems very confident!

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Adrian Stenton is a PhD candidate at Leiden University Centre for Linguistics and is currently investigating number concord in the species noun phrase. Adrian is part of the project Bridging the Unbridgeable: linguists, prescriptivists and the general public, which is supervised by Prof Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade.
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3 Responses to Only 35?

    • Ian Macavoy says:

      If memory serves the Grauniad was frequently named as such by “Private Eye”, which in each of its fortnightly editions provided at least one example of the Grauniad’s editing skylz.
      Readers might be amused – or left aghast – by an Economist sub-editor’s headline to a recent article on politics in Finland: “Split in Finn natives”.

  1. adrianstenton says:

    Interesting comment/question! For those who don’t know, the Guardian used to have a well-deserved reputation for typographical errors, and was therefore often referred to as the Grauniad. However, this practice became so widespread that even Google Ngram records it between 1967 and 2000, with a peak in 1984. So (tongue firmly in cheek here), a corpus analysis shows that Grauniad has become an acceptable alternative to Guardian, and therefore if you want to make the same point you have to manipulate it further, hence Guradina!

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