Queen of Jetlags

Never thought I’d ever read anything by an influencer (a word not yet in the OED, but a very popular type of online presence these days): Noor de Groot’s Queen of Jetlags (2019). It is not that the book is written by the daughter of an old school friend of mine, but because I was curious to find out why an influencer with 720k followers on Instagram would want to publish a book.

The book is (mostly) in Dutch, and describes Noor’s life and highly succesful career in what would seem to be full authentic (another key word these days) detail, beautifully illustrated with pictures evoking the dreamy atmosphere that is her trademark.

As a phenomenon, Queen of Jetlags reminds me of  Grammar Girl, a language advice website with a phenomenal following, too. And yet, Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl’s author, published a book with language advice as well. Books, it seems, apparently deserve a life of their own besides their contents’ presence online .

Another similarity between the two which I find fascinating is how Noor de Groot outlines in full detail how she became an influencer, showing all the tricks and trades of the job as she goes along. A short while ago, Mignon Fogarty obtained a chair in Media Entrepreneurship at the Reynolds School of Journalism of the University of Nevada, thus – presumably – teaching her students the ins and outs of her job as well. Competition does not seem to be an issue here, for either of them. What Noor’s book shows, after all, is that being an influencer, or rather becoming one and making sure that you stay top of the bill, is a professon in its own right. And, I must admit, I admire her for that.

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