Is different from really correct?

The reference is to the title of an article from 1 January 2022 on the Guardian online, by subeditor Susan McDonald. With an amazing 4194 comments in three days, the opportunity to add another one is now unfortunately closed. I would have liked to suggest to Susan MacDonald that she might want to read our blog, or my book Describing Prescriptivism about the topic. She would have learnt something really useful.

Of course she mentions the who/whom issue as an example of one of her “personal bugbears”, and one commenter picks up the gauntlet:

‘Whom’ can die a death, and I’m sure it’s used more often to correct people than it is used correctly in the first place. It’s dead, guys. Let it rest in peace.

Interesting point of view, and probably quite right. I’m working on the subject for a paper, so thanks, Susan!

(Thanks to Joan Beal and Adrian Stenton for calling my attention to the article.)

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1 Response to Is different from really correct?

  1. Adrian John Stenton says:

    I was reading another set of comments in the Guardian about a bank scam, and one of the bloggers picked up another one for using “quite literally worth its weight in gold” to refer to bank data.

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