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Peter Trudgill on less and fewer

Reading students’ papers this summer, I kept stumbling over their use of less for fewer. But it is not a typically Dutch error (as I have to see it in my role as their teacher), nor is it new. For … Continue reading

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More fun less taxis

is an example of a slogan made up by protesters during the Tea Party movement last year. The slogans show great spelling and grammar creativity, as you will see when you watch Teabonics the Movie, which was sent to me … Continue reading

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List of disputed usages

One of the readers of this blog drew our attention to the fact that there is a list of disputed usages in Wikipedia. The list includes ain’t, less for fewer, like for as, which were all dealt with elsewhere in this … Continue reading

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The BBC’s pet linguistic hates in 1981

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If today’s pet linguistic hates for BBC journalists and news writers are try and (for try to), concede defeat/victory, gone missing and Americanisms (e.g. turning nouns into verbs and attaching prepositions to verbs: hospitalize, meet with) (see elsewhere in this blog), different ones are listed in Robert Burchfield’s … Continue reading

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