Who is Kay Sayce? Who is Ann Batko?

I’m trying to find out who Kay Sayce is. I know she (he?) is the author of a usage guide called What not to write: A guide to the dos and dont’s of good English (2006). The book is included in the HUGE database. But I’d like to know more, such as what made her write the book? What else does she do besides writing a book this?

WorldCat lists a book called The Zimbabwe Student’s Handbook (1989) and some other publications. So it appears that she used to be a university lecturer in Zimbabwe. Some other books suggest an agricultural background.

And I have the same question for Ann Batko, who wrote When bad grammar happens to good people  (2004). She appears to be an American writer, but I haven’t come across any other books by her or indeed any information at all. What I did find (in WorldCat) is that the book was translated into Chinese: yet another English usage guide! But this time a more modern one than Bryson’s. (See my post on Bryson in Hungary and China.)

So who are these writers, what makes them experts at the topic they write about? Can anyone help?

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3 Responses to Who is Kay Sayce? Who is Ann Batko?

  1. Josina Floor says:

    There’s a good overview of Kay Sayce’s background on the Overdrive website; it appears she has definitely earned her writing and editing chops. Ann Batko has her own website but has morphed into a Marketing maven.

  2. Kay Powell says:

    Hello – I am Kay Sayce (now Kay Powell), author of What Not To Write. Do get in touch if you want to know more about my publishing background.

    • How wonderful: thanks for being intouch with us! I have a deadline for a paper (before X-mas) and will be able to get back to my chapters and the questions I wanted to ask very soon after that. :-)

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